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Free Online Classes

We want yoga to be accessible to everyone and for people all over the world to incorporate it's practices into their daily lives. We know that it will not only improve people's mental and physical health, but make the world a happier more positive and peaceful place.

That's why we have put together these free online taster classes with the help of one of our favourite yoga teachers Sarah Wisbey. We have a broad range of classes to try, from quick yoga workouts for those short of time, to classes that target specific ailments such as a bad back or a tech neck.

If you like Sarah's classes and want her to design you a personalised yoga routine that will target any problem areas for you or work on strengthening specific muscle groups then you can find Sarah on Instagram @thisiswisbey  

Lesson 1 - Vinyasa Energising Flow 35 Minute Class

Strong vinyasa yoga flow including lots of poses to help strengthen the hamstrings, glutes, quads and core.

Starting slow lying down then moving through some sun salutations, lots of lunges, twists, warrior, half-moon, eagle, the flow will be sure to get the heart rate up. Finishing off with some seated postures and stretches before a nice chilled savasana. Promise it will make you feel amazing, energised and ready to take on the day! 

Lesson 2 - Vinyasa Quick 15 minute Yoga Flow Stretch & Relax

We all live increasingly busy lives and a lot of the time we tell ourselves that we don't have the time to do something. But we all know it's not about having enough time but about what you prioritise your time for. We promise that if you incorporate this quick 15 minute routine that's suitable for all ability levels into your daily life you will appreciate the benefits that it will give to your mental and physical health. 

Lesson 3 - Vinyasa Glutes & Core 35 Minute Class

Lots of nice twists in this 35 minute flow which will help you stretch out if you have been travelling or sitting for a long time. A great work out for your glutes and abs too! Try to breathe through the tough bits and don't forget to keep your yogic breathing nice and slow when things get a bit challenging!

Lesson 4 - Vinyasa Strength & Balance 40 Minute Class

This yoga flow takes you through a tough core strengthening vinyasa sequence which will probably make you sweat! Holding these postures will help to work on your balance as well as your strength.

Lesson 5 - 20 Minute Yoga for Abdominals

In this class we will get your abs burning with this short, strong endurance flow. Perfect if you're short on time and want an effective practice to tighten those stomach muscles. 

Lesson 6 - 30 Minute Morning Yoga

You'll never regret getting some gentle movement first thing in the morning. Here's my regular morning sequence to get you feeling more mobile after first waking up. The sequence is quite strong so probably not best if you're a complete beginner. Enjoy and stay healthy!

Lesson 7 - 40 Minute Lower Back Yoga

We all get twinges in our lower back from time to time thanks to that sedentary life. This flow should help to relieve some of that tension and make you feel fully nimble and refreshed 

Lesson 8 - 30 Minute Yoga for Travelers

Do you need to get stretchy after a long journey or several days on the road? I get such creaky hips from long journeys so made a quick sequence targeting the areas most commonly tight from travel! Focusing mainly on the neck, shoulders & hips.

Lesson 9 - 30 Minute Yoga for Begginers

If you are new to yoga and want to master some of the key postures while stretching and relaxing at the same time then this is your video! 

Lesson 10 - 25 Minute Gentle Yoga for Tech Neck

We all spend too much time hunching over our phones/computers, especially now we're all working from the kitchen table. Suitable for beginners this gentle sequence is to release some of the tension in the neck and shoulders as well as the hips and lower back. All areas which get tight from long periods sitting down. Try it to start the day or to unwind after a day at your laptop.